These wood pieces are a result of a crate making arrangement I had with a designer. The wood, being inexpensive, has flaws or is damaged. These areas,unsuitable for assembling a crate were discarded. With other eyes, the variations in color and texture I viewed as beautiful, filled with depth,and an unavoidable subject matter. Finding the perfect combination is a difficult task. The collage is evasive. I will admit that I have had to reject my own prejudices in order to believe in the continuance of this adventure, because these pieces are not hip. However, the struggle to dig and pry from the wood simply what it presents to me remains inspirational. This has occupied me for about two years.

It has been suggested to me that these wood pieces, perhaps in a somewhat altered form, could very easily be incorporated in to architecture or furniture. I agree with that premise and look forward to forming alliances with corresponding talents.

All pieces are for sale.
Please e-mail or call 718 - 858 7006 for specific information.