New York custom fabrication custom furniture

My studio, located in The Brooklyn Navy Yard, is fully equipped with tools for wood and metal working. From here I work with designers, art consultants, architects, small stores and galleries, mostly making one-of -a-kind objects, occasionally engaging in a small production. In order to fabricate many of the designs which come to me, I act as an advisor, for many of the ideas worked out on paper theoretically, are not necessarily correct for the intended material. Therefore, I have very close contact with my clients along the entire life of the project, making sure that all questions answered insure the success of the final object(s).

metal foundry custom design wood workshop welding cutom furniture production

I tend, as a result, to have a very solid base of repeat clients. I particularily like making prototypes. To make an idea for a client realised successfully, is interesting, challenging, and creative for all sides. The interaction allows the original idea fruitation into life, making the result extremely saticfying to deliver. Stimulating work is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. My craftsmanship, dependant on a history of ability to solve difficult sculptural and painterly problems, grows stronger with positive growth which stretches my abilities on all levels. I am looking to have partnerships that lead to a collaborative progression, paving a way for intelligent efforts and discussion toward object-making. Thus in 2003, I established Aswoon, LLC.